Fat Trap Gobbler™ , eco friendly fat trap treatment

Fat Gobbler – eco-friendly fat trap treatment

Odour reducing grease and eco-friendly fat trap treatment with an intelligent bacterial and microbial consortium for rapid enzyme performance for use in grease traps, fat traps and drain lines.

 Green Cleaning Technology:
Who better to trust than Mother Nature who has already solved the problem of keeping our earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have enabled us to understand Her methods. By using correct, beneficial enzyme-producing bacteria, virtually any effluent can be degraded faster. This eco-friendly fat trap treatment method, in turn, is more cost effective than traditional harmful chemicals as well as being kinder to the environment.

Cleaning Cost Challenge:
Fat traps not treated with Fat Trap Gobbler™ over time start to congeal due to the excess, constant inflow of hot fats, oils and greases. When these cool and thicken they form a solid mass which is unable to flow into municipal water lines. Specialist environmental cleaning companies have to be involved to physically remove this waste, costing from thousands to tens of thousands of Rands monthly. After the removal, the waste must still be remediated offsite, making the entire process a hazard to our environment. Making matters worse, industries often clean and treat fat traps high alkaline products. This approach initially appears to work, but in reality, the fat has temporarily changed state, only to convert straight back to a thick coagulant downstream in drain lines causing huge, costly blockages and presenting further challenges for effluent sewer treatment plants downstream. This can be solved with our eco-friendly fat trap treatment.

Odour Control Challenge:
Grease and fat traps untreated with bio-enzymes are a huge source of offensive odours, presenting serious problems for food industries and their business owners. This odour problem becomes badly exacerbated in warmer summer periods. Fat Trap Gobbler™ provides an immediate improvement in odour control which markedly improves with time, often to the point of total elimination.

Municipal Bylaws:
By law, the effluent water leaving a fat trap and entering the general waste stream headed for sewer plants needs to comply with predetermined effluent waste levels as set by municipalities, including but not limited to PH, COD’s, and Conductivity to name just a few. Neglected grease traps are unlikely to ever comply with these bylaw requirements if untreated for instance with Fat Trap Gobbler™. Business owners face the serious dilemma of large fines and possible further action against them. The practice of manually cleaning grease traps and throwing the effluent into refuse bins is also unlawful.

Our Solution:
The advanced bacterial consortium in Fat Trap Gobbler™ are highly intelligent as they produce the requisite enzymes to rapidly degrade and break down the fats, oils, greases, proteins, and starches found in grease and fat trap environments, and in turn cleverly use those components as food sources. The eco-friendly fat trap treatment, Fat Trap Gobbler™,  is a proprietary super high lipase enzyme (fat eating) producing bacteria which gives it its amazing and consistent results. Regular dosing with Fat Trap Gobbler™ completely eliminates the aforementioned challenges, and grease is permanently converted into water and carbon dioxide! Use with an Advanced Dosing System to completely automate the grease trap treatment process for after-hours dosing when the fat trap is cooler for optimum bacterial growth and enzyme production. Grease traps should not be dosed during operation when bacteria and enzyme killing hot oils and water enter the system.


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