A potent, fragranced in one liquid cleaner,  bio-enzyme liquid concentrate which effectively cleans any surface, biodegrades various systems, and removes all odours.

50 Gobbler™ – all in one liquid cleaner

A potent, fragranced in one liquid cleaner,  bio-enzyme liquid concentrate which effectively cleans any surface, biodegrades various systems, and removes all odours.

Product Description:
50 Gobbler™ is an incredible all in one liquid cleaner with a powerful and proprietary 12 perfume fragrance blend for an incredible lasting smell, with super high foaming technology action. It replaces floor, tile, drain, ammonia, bleach, window, mirror, glass, stainless steel, kitchen, furniture, carpet, spot, bathroom, mildew, shower and urinal cleaners for exceptional cost in use savings never experienced before.

It massively simplifies logistics, stock, operations, warehousing and cleaning operations. 50™ Gobbler™ is now also available in super concentrate form for huge transport and storage savings costs while being much safer for the cleaners using the product. This also eliminates the chances of cleaners over or under diluting the product.

Building owners who have implemented 50™ Gobbler™ experience huge plumbing cost savings as the entire building regardless of size essentially becomes a giant living eco-system and plumbing and odour problems are fundamentally eliminated! History has demonstrated as proof by major organizations countrywide over many years that the maximum cost savings and benefits for property owners is derived when 50™ Gobbler™ is made an ongoing tender specification.

50™ Gobbler™ All Purpose Liquid is an intensely concentrated blend of multiple Bacillus spores which have been uniquely cultivated from South African soil and are made entirely locally in South Africa. The huge advantage of local spores is that they perform far more rapidly and reliably under our unique climatic demands.


Green Cleaning Technology:
Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have helped us to understand how this is made possible. By using the correct good or beneficial bacteria virtually any dirt build up, stain, odour, septic system, FOG’s (fats, oils, greases) or even hydrocarbon based oil stains  can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded and removed quicker and more ccost-effectively than traditional harmful chemicals. The bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a massive home ground performance advantage. They metabolize much faster, reproduce quicker and survive longer. Critically our products are EDTA free and are far more environmentally friendly. Our bacteria are extremely intelligent. They determine what type of organic problem they are being applied to, and then selectively produce the right combination of enzymes to effectively biodegrade their intended target. The process is similar to how your stomach automatically knows how to break down different food types, only our products are exponentially more powerful. The incredible thing is that once the target has effectively been neutralized, the only by-products of this process are water and carbon dioxide! You are bound to see this in action with our all in one liquid cleaner


Recommended Applications:
Contract Cleaning Companies
Deep Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner
Odour Eliminator & Deodorizer
Portable Toilet Decontaminant
Septic Tanks
Garbage Bins & Disposal Areas
Nursery Schools
Old Age Homes
Pet Spills & Pet Odours
Crime Scene Cleanup Agent
Home Cleaning
Coolers, Fridge and Freezer Rooms


Features of Product:

All in one liquid cleaner
A selected blend of highly active local bacteria cultures.
Contains a balanced buffer system that secures optimum enzyme activity.
Cultures are a mixture of anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms.
High enzyme activity including protease, amylase and lipase.
Non-volatile and non-corrosive.
Easy to be handled and to use.
Excellent stability and shelf life.


Optimum Conditions for use:
Bacteria and enzymes in 50™ Gobbler™ Concentrate perform within a pH range of 5.5 to 8.5 with the optimum near pH 7.0. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with the rising temperature up to 49°C. No activity can be expected below 4°C.

The picture trials over 14 days proving the astonishing organic degradation and odour removal capabilities of 50™ Gobbler™   in a putrid urinal trap.


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