Our Services


At Authentic Cleaning and Hygiene Services, we understand the need for a cleaner and healthier environment. Therefore, our commitment to our clients is to continually specify and make use of superior ECO-FRIENDLY products and approved equipment. Marcelle and Kerri will be ACH’S single points of contact for any issue. As hands-on managers, they will have personal knowledge of every aspect of the day-to-day tasks involved in the contract and will respond immediately to any particular requests. Building close working relationships is an important part of our company culture and striving for continuous improvement to add value to the service we provide. Crucial to our ability to provide our required level of duty is our strong team of loyal staff. All our staff have undergone screening and formal training that covers health and safety issues. On-Going training is provided and required. For contracts where we have taken on existing staff from our clients, we provide training, support and supervision - ensuring they work to our standards and methodologies. 


Covering all your cleaning needs on a regular basis. Let us worry about keeping your business sparkling clean so you can concentrate on other aspects.


We offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning and high access cleaning. No one compares when it comes to deep cleaning!


We offer a comprehensive range of effective, durable and reliable hygiene products.


We can also give a helping hand in pest control. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any of your cleaning and hygiene needs.