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We take great care in all of our offerings. Our formally trained staff assist with contract cleaning, sanitary services as well as carpet cleaning, window cleaning and high access cleaning.  No one compares when it comes to deep cleaning and we can also give a helping hand in pest control!


We take care to supply the best consumables, from antibacterial hand soap, bathroom dispenser refills, quality paper products and more… We would love to show you our full range of quality cleaning consumables and industrial cleaning machines.


Our Products

We supply everything from toilet roll holders, hand dryers, bathroom dispensers, cleaning equipment to our range of eco – friendly products for the catering, hospitality, agricultural and manufacturing industries.


Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies, Services & Equipment

In early 2011 we recognised the need for an exceptional range of premium eco-friendly cleaning supplies, services & equipment products in South Africa and Authentic Cleaning and Hygiene Services was established to provide just that!

Since then we not only supply excellent service to our clients in the cleaning and hygiene field but have extended to industrial cleaning services all over SA.Our combined knowledge and extensive experience in the industry allow us to offer our clients practical yet cost effective solutions to satisfy environmental demands. At Authentic Cleaning and Hygiene Services, we understand the need for a cleaner and healthier environment. Therefore, our commitment to our clients is to continually specify and make use of superior ECO-FRIENDLY products and approved equipment. Marcelle and Kerri will be ACH’S single points of contact for any issue. As hands-on managers, they will have personal knowledge of every aspect of the day-to-day tasks involved in the contract and will respond immediately to any particular requests. Building close working relationships is an important part of our company culture: by nurturing a successful long-term partnership without clients, we will be working together for continuous improvement and to add value to the service we provide. Crucial to our ability to provide our required level of duty is our strong team of loyal staff. Every member of our team is police screened and will work with the utmost respect for office property and adhere to all ministry security requirements. All our staff has undergone formal training that covers health and safety issues. On-Going training is provided and required. For Contracts where we have had taken on existing staff from our clients, we have provided retraining, support and supervision to ensure they work to our standards and methodologies. Reflecting the value we place on our team, and we pay considerably above industry rates.


Fat Trap Gobbler™

The advanced bacterial consortium in Fat Trap Gobbler™  is highly intelligent as they produce the necessary enzymes to rapidly degrade and break down the fats, oils, proteins and starches found in grease and fat trap environments. They then, in turn, effectively use those components as food sources.

Fat Trap Gobbler™ is a super high lipase enzyme (fat eating) producing bacteria which give incredible, consistent results. Regular dosing with Fat Trap Gobbler™  eliminates most challenges that arise when attempting to dispose of grease by permanently converting it into water and carbon dioxide!

Using an Advanced Dosing System to automate the grease trap treatment process for after-hours dosing allows for optimum bacterial growth and enzyme production as the fat can cool before dosing. Grease traps should never be dosed during operation when bacteria, enzyme-killing hot oils, and water enter the system.


We offer these and more! Want to find out more about our impressive eco-friendly cleaning supplies, services & equipment range?


We used to battle with fat blockages in our drains but within a month of using ACH’s eco-friendly bacteria based products these blockages cleared up and overall made a wonderful difference in our factory. We have been using ACH’s cleaning products since 2013 and are really impressed with the results we continuously get. I would highly recommend Authentic Cleaning & Hygiene’s eco-friendly cleaning products as they are efficient, simple to use and dilute while reducing our carbon footprint.

Brendon Food Processing Plant

We started using the above company on a trial basis about four months ago. After the first two weeks we noticed a remarkable difference in the cleanliness of our factory which is an extremely sensitive operation. Microbiological swabs were done by the S.A.B.S, the results were outstanding with NO bacterial growth. The service that we have received from Authentic Cleaning & Hygiene is amazing. Not only is it the cleaning products but also the paper products, cleaning equipment and training. This is a high quality product at good prices given the benefits. We would highly recommend Authentic Cleaning & Hygiene Services to any food or catering organisation that not only has a five star rating or who is striving for one.

Michka Food & Catering


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